Project title: Panona net – destination management model

Programme priority specific objective: To strengthen, diversify and integrate the cross-border tourism offer and better manage cultural and natural heritage assets

Start date 01.05.2019
End date 30.04.2021

The project is supported by the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program between Croatia and Serbia and the European Union.

Main project objective is to diversify and integrate the cross-border tourism offer of active and cultural tourism through joint destination management platform and DMO business model. It will build on existing offer, respecting resources and potentials of the target areas, add new contents, improve the quality of tourist services and align them with the new trends and market demands.

Joint challenges:

  1. lack of cooperation among tourist service providers
  2. insufficient integrated thematic tourism products
  3. lack od DMO understanding market trends and creating contemporary tourism packages
  4. lack of clear targeting and on-line marketing
  5. poor infrastructure and low level of special beautification.

New solutions:

  1. integration of various specialized tourism products to multiple days packages, utilizing existing infrastructure, services, organizations
  2. creation of new business model of the on-line travel agency grounded on CB platform of tourist service providers and other support organizations
  3. introducing and developing new governance model of FairShares enterprise

Main project outputs to be created:

  1. An integrated CB map of wellbeing, active and cultural tourism offer
  2. Market positioning plan for Panona tours
  3. 9 New integrated tourism products
  4. 9 specialized tourism events organized
  5. Specialized destination management travel agency established
  6. CB destination management platform

Main target groups:

40 tourist service providers + 20 cultural, hiking clubs and CSOs getting new markets.
20 tourist associations, clusters + 20 local authorities participating in joint CB platform, getting new products and services.
This CB partnership was created to secure partners with know-how and capacities to develop an integrated CB tourism offer and CB destination management model.