Balkan Riding Routes

The implementation of the project "Riding routes across the Balkan", which is being implemented in Vojvodina and Bosnia and Herzegovina, begin on the 9th of November in 2018 and is supported by the Regional Cooperation Council - RCC and the European Union. The project is being implemented in partnership with the Fonda turističkog klastera mikroregije Subotica-Palić (Fund of the tourist cluster of the Subotica-Palić microregion) and ROTOR organizacije za razvoj turizma regije Doboj (ROTOR - organizations for tourism development in the Doboj region.).

During the project, the following activities are planned: mapping of farms / horse centers / entrepreneurs providing riding services, preparing a feasibility study on the riding route in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vojvodina, marking out the riding route and creating promotional material.

The aim of the project is to create a new tourism product of the two countries, which will attract more visitors and tourists to these regions. As a specific goal of the project, a riding route from Vojvodina to Bosnia and Herzegovina will be developed. The riding route includes more than 50 locations in the two countries. Furthermore, the cooperation of participants from both sides contributes to getting to know the cultural and natural heritage of the regions, as well as getting to know domestic and foreign visitors. The next goal of this project is to enable farmers, horse breeders, equestrian centers and other individuals working with horses, who don’t have adequate sources of income, to join this route and thus generate additional income on their own, and possibly participate in the follow- up activities and joint performances towards donors.

The main target group of the project are tourists from partner countries and abroad, mainly from Western Europe. The secondary target group are people who appear on the equestrian tourism market with their work and services as additional market players. The third target group of the project includes farmers who have lost competitiveness due to changed market and agricultural conditions and who have reached the end of the process of social marginalization.

Project „Riding routes across the Balkan“ will contribute to the enrichment of the tourism offer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, greater visits of tourists interested in this type of tourism, and getting to know the natural and cultural-historical heritage of this area.


On February 23, 2019, at the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, a presentation of the project called "Riding routes across the Balkan" was held, which was supported by the Regional Cooperation Council - RCC and the European Union.
The presentation was held by Izabel Lanji Hnis, director of the Subotica-Palić Tourist Region Cluster Fund.

Provided by the RCC Tourism Development and
Promotion Project’s Grant Programme
The Project is funded
by the European Union